D'Angelo's Life

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  • "What Going On"

    Marvin Gaye resleased his allbum "What Going On", a politically charged and deeply personal Motown album, and was notable for including elements of jazz and classical music instrumentation and arrangements. It become known as the first soul music concept albums
  • Period: to

    Al Green's Single

    Al Green relesaed 7 gold singles, including "Tired of Being Alone", "Let Stay Together", and "I'm Still In Love", and some others
  • Let Get It on

    Marvin Gaye relesaes his Lets Get It On Album, a sexually aggressive album, which incorporates smooth soul, doo-wopm and quiet storm
  • Birth

    Michael Eugene Archer was born in Richmond, VA
  • I Want You

    Marvin Gaye releseed his "I Want You" album consisted of a funky0light disco soul feel, which gave influence to the disco, quiet storm, R&B, and neo-soul genres.
  • Beginning of Discovery

    D'Angelo 10 year old brother discovered that he was muscially talented at the age of 3 when he was playing the piano
  • Walkman

    Sony introduces the Walkman, the first portable stereo.
  • Period: to

    Wonder's Commerical Period

    The highly commerical period of Stevie Wonder, in which his popularity skyrocketed as he produced his biggest hits.
  • Hotter Than July

    Steive Wonder released, Hotter Than July, which was nominated in the 1982 All American Music Awards as Favorite Soul/R&B.
  • Dirty Mind

    Prince released thie Dirty MInd album, which consisted of a hard funk, catchy Beatlesque melodies, sweet soul ballads, and rocking guitar pop, all at once. (AllMusic)
  • Purple Rain

    Prince released Purple Rain, which consisted of a consolidation of a myriad of styles, from pop rock to R&B to dance (Wiki)
  • Holy Ghost

    D'Angelo saw his 9-year old brother recieve the Holy Ghost
  • Period: to


    D'Angelo dated soul singer Angie Stone and helped her produce her debut album Black Diamond in 1999
  • EMI Records

    D'Angelo signed a record deal with EMI Records after catching their attention with a demo tape.
  • Apollo Theather

    Angelo won the amateur talent competition at Harlem's Apollo Theater three weeks in a row atht he age of 18 (allmusic)
  • "U Will Know"

    "U Will Know" was his first major single that he wrote and produced
  • Brown Sugar

    D'Angelo's first album, Brown Sugar was released; hit song was "Lady" Gave commerical visibilty to the neosoul movement of the 1990s
  • Period: to

    Sabbatical Period #1

    D'Angelo had an abscence from the musical scene and producing solo work. Did a variety of duets and soundtraack recordings
  • Urban Hang Suite

    Maxwell's album, Urban Hang Suite, was released
    Contains a mellow, groove-based sound and incorporates elements of funk, jazz, smooth soul, and quiet storm
  • Baduizm

    Erykah Badu aka The First Lady of Neo-Soul, debut album Badiuzm was reselased
    Helped develop the neo-soul genre as it contained bass-heavy, groovy beats and emotionally charged lyrics. (Wiki)
  • Son is Born

    D'Angelo son, Michael, mothered by Angie Stone is born
  • Voodoo

    D'Angelo's albums, Voodoo was released
    Won a grammy for Best R&B album and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance
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    Sabbatical Period #2

    Goes MIA -- No interviews or live performances
  • Arrested

    D'Angelo was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, and driving while intoxicated
  • Rehab

    Exited a rehab slint in Antigua.
    Had got into concaine trouble earlier
  • Period: to


    D'Angelo goes on tours to 11 countries in Europe with his band and play 4 of his new songs.
  • Miseducation of LH

    Lauryn Hills album, the miseducation of Lauryn Hill was released in 1998
    It incorporated musical elements of R&B, hip hop, soul, reggae and gospel and has been recognized as a cruical component to the influence of the neo-soul genre. (Wiki)