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  • 1, 2 Step

    1, 2 Step
    We can see this coreography in "walk it like I talk it" by Migos, "plug walk" by Rich the kid and "walk it out" byDJ Unk.
  • Pop, lock and drop it

    Pop, lock and drop it
    This is the debut single by Huey and was produced by Calvin Miller. It was released from his debut album “Notebook Paper” in 2006.
  • Superman

    We've all wanted to be superheroes at least one time. In 2007, Soulja Boy, the mississipian rapper made his dream come true with "Crank that".
  • Stanky Legg

    Stanky Legg
    "Stanky Legg" is definately one on the coolest names for a hip-hop dance move.
  • Wobble

    The rapper VIC released "the wobble" without knowing it would turn out to be a hit in less than 24 hours.Even Beyonce was seen in a New Jersey party dancing with some girls to this song.
  • Lean wit it, rock wit it

    Lean wit it, rock wit it
    The song is performed by the Atlanta rap group Dem Franchize Boyz from their album “On Top of Our Game.”
  • Dougie

    From the day it was released,everyone,no matter race, age or nacionality, learnt how to do the dougie
  • Cat Daddy

    Cat Daddy
    The “Cat Daddy” became extremely popular. California party scene hip-hop group, the Rej3ctz, released this song in March 2011 and it quickly became the top song at most school functions.
  • Gangnam Style

    Gangnam Style
    Nothing has had more exit than this dance. It doesn't matter if you think it's good or bad, the iconic horse dance move has more than 3 billion views.
  • Harlem shake

    Harlem shake
    A dance move consisting of acting normal for a short period of time and when the beats drops, everyone goes crazy.
  • Gas Pedal & Red Nose

    Gas Pedal & Red Nose
    Sage The Gemini quickly gained attention when he released these two sexy dance hits. They easily get a party going.
  • Twerk

    A lot of artists started including this dance in their music videos, including Beyonce, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus but no one has been able to beat Nicki Minaj with her iconic song: Anaconda
  • Whip/nae nae

    Whip/nae nae
    The Whip/Nae Nae was probably the 2015 equivalent of Unk’s mid-2000s Walk it Out dance. Everybody in the Black community, and even outside of it, was doing this dance created by Atlanta rapper Silentó.
  • Dab

    The dab was an immediate hit. Between it's fans we can find Jason Derulo and Hillary Clinton.
  • Juju on That Beat

    Juju on That Beat
    Juju on That Beat became an Internet sensation last year, and is still
    going somewhat strong.
  • Floss

    This movements were actually invented in 2016 by the 16 year old kid known as the Backpack Kid
  • Woah

    This dancemove was so iconic that it even has a song. People from aroud the world are downloading Tik Tok just to film themselves doing the woah.
  • Period: to

    Iconic dance moves

    The songs dance moves in this 2 decades have been the iconic and memorable. Anyone who hears any of this songs can't refuse to dance to the beat.