Dan Reynolds

  • Born

    Dan Reynolds was born in Las Vegas as the seventh of nine childern. His parents, Christine and Ronald Reynolds, are both 4th generation Nevadans.
  • Period: to

    Dan Reynolds

    This is Dan Reynolds lifespan from 1987 untill now.
  • Graduated from BYU

    Graduated from BYU
    Reynolds went to college at BYU Utah for two years, winning their annual 'Battle of the Bands' both years.
  • Created 'Imagine Dragons' Band

    Created 'Imagine Dragons' Band
    Imagine Dragons was created as one of Dan's only major achivements on his portfolio. This band consists of Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, Ben McKee, and Daniel Platzman.
  • Released first EP

    Released first EP
    Dan Reynold's new band released it's first EP, "Night Visions" to kick off thier new career.
  • Released album "Night Visions"

    Released album "Night Visions"
    The release of their first full album started the band to get popular on common radio channels.
  • Released first live album

    Released first live album
    Their first live album really made this band popular. Now with their songs on popular radio stations such as 99.9 and 103.9 they can now get quite a profit from their songs on iTunes.
  • Voted "Breakthrough Band of 2013"

    Voted "Breakthrough Band of 2013"
    This achivement just added to the talent and recognition the band was already getting.