Dame Enid Lyons personal life

By stmag
  • born

    dame enid lyons was born in 1897 at duck river smithton tasmania she was the second of four children. Her mother was Eliza ne'e Taggett and her father was william burnell.
  • married

    she married in 1915 to joseph lyons when she was seventeen and joesph was thirty-five.
  • child died

    one of enids children died of pneumonia
  • birth for the last time

    Enid had givin birth to her twelfth and last child. After the birth Enid lyons suffed ill heath but she still supported her husband.
  • joseph died

    joseph died
    joseph died at the age of fifty-nine.
  • died

    Dame enid muriel lyons died on september 2nd 1981 the life of this wonderful women has ended