Dalton&Steven U.S History Timeline

  • Jan 1, 1492

    Discovery of North America

    Discovery of North America
    Christopher Columbus discovers North America in 1492. This is important because it is the start of America. If North America would not have been discovered then America would not be here today and other countrys wouldmt be either.
  • first college

    first college
    The first college is important in American because it alows us to have education. today would be different if we never created our first college because colleges might not be here today and there would be less education for jobs and other things.
  • Yale College

    Yale College
    Yale College was the 2nd colleges founded. They were founded at 1701. This helped America upgrade our education. Without this college then today colleges might not have been as popular.
  • End of Revolutionary War

    End of Revolutionary War
    The revolutionary war was a battle over territory. If the Revolutionary war wouldnt have happened our we wouldnt have won then we would not be as strong our have as much territory as we have today.
  • Bill of Rights was Created

    Bill of Rights was Created
    The Bill of Rights are important in America because it is like the foundation of our freedom and our laws. America would be different today if we didnt have the Bill of Rights because there might not be no freedom of speech
  • The First Bank of America

    The First Bank of America
    The first Bank of America was built on 1795. This made an impact on America because it allowed for the people to put there money in a place. If this was not built than today there would be a chance we wouldnt have banks and people couldnt place there money in a safe place. Therer could be more stealing between people in there money today if this was not built.
  • The california gold rush

    The california gold rush
    The california gold rush made gold popular. It also made people come to America. When the california gold rush happened it made everyone one want to hunt for this rare prize. If the Califiornia gold rush wouldnt have happened then gold would not be worth as much money as it is today.
  • Lincoln anounces slaves shall be free

    Lincoln anounces slaves shall be free
    When Lincoln anounces slaves shall be free it made a big impact in America. If this wouldnt have happened then the civil war wouldnt have started and the slaves wouldnt have been released. Without the civil war today there might still be slaves.
  • Cilvil war ends

    Cilvil war ends
    The Civil war is important because it ended the slavery in America. If the Civil war wouldnt have happened then today would be different. Colored people may still be treated wrong. There may still be slaves.
    The Civil War was a war in America between the north and the south. They were fighting for the right of slaves or no slaves.
  • United States Constitution

    United States Constitution
    The United States Constitution is important to America because it keeps from just one person making the laws and lets branches or people get there say in making the laws. Today would be different if we didnt have the constitution because there would be more wars in America because one person-the president- would have all the say in the laws and people would disagree on some of them.