Daft punk

Daft Punk

  • First name of the band

    First name of the band
    The band's first name was Darlin
  • The new name of the band

    The new name of the band
    After a criticism of a magazine in which they call them a crazy punck trash and they called it in a good way and thus the name of 'Daft Punk'
  • The new wave

    The new wave
    They release their first single that was not so successful but attracted people's attention
  • Da Funk

    Da Funk
    Their new single 'Da funk' became their first commercial success and they were already recognized as musicians
  • They hide their appearance

    They hide their appearance
    They hide their appearance due to shyness and because they did not like fame, and from this moment they are not photographed
  • Homework

    It was the album with which they debuted and with which they became famous and it was when they began to wear Halloween-type masks
  • Daft Punk helmets

    Daft Punk helmets
    The iconic Daft punk helmets were created
  • Discovery

    Discovery was his second album that was in the second place in the United Kingdom and with the song 'one more time' a worldwide success
  • Human After All

    Human After All
    This was his third album with good and bad reviews.
  • Interstella 5555

    Interstella 5555
    It was an animated series that tells the story of each of the songs on the album 'Discovery' and that was very well received until these times.
  • Electroma

    They released their movie 'Electroma' which was directed by Daft Punk and was very well received.
  • Alive

    It was a live album and contains the famous single 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger'
  • First television appearance

    First television appearance
    It was together with Kanye west in an edition of the Grammys
  • Get Lucky

    Get Lucky
    It was a single from his album 'Random Access Memory' and considered a masterpiece 'Get Lucky' is one of the most listened to songs in a single day on Spotify and nominated for the Grammys.
  • The Grammys

    The  Grammys
    In the 56th edition of the Grammys they won 4 nominations
  • His latest collaboration

    His latest collaboration
    The last collaboration was with the artist The Weekend with the singles of 'Starboy' and 'I Feel It Coming'
  • The End of Daft Punk

    The End of Daft Punk
    They announced their separation in a video called Epilogue and the reasons are unknown.