History of DACA

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  • DREAM act fails in Congress

    DREAM act fails in Congress
    In the Obama administration, the DREAM act failed in congress and forced Obama to sign an executive order for the safety of Dreamers to stay in the United States. The executive order would become known as DACA and is now one of the most widely debated issues in politics.
  • Obama Creates DACA program

    Obama Creates DACA program
    After the failure of the DREAM act, President Obama created the DACA program or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which essentially functions in the same way that the DREAM act did. DACA gives 2 years of resident status to illegal immigrant children 16 years or younger upon coming to the US and have lived in the US continuously since June 15, 2007 or later. All applicants must be 31 or older. The applicants must re-apply every 2 years and remain law-abiding to remain in DACA.
  • DACA Defunded by Votes in the House

    DACA Defunded by Votes in the House
    DACA was voted for defunding in the House 224-201. However, the program remained in place due to a loophole in the system. On paper, government controls DACA and the application process but DACA is technically funded by its application fees and thus receives no appropriations from congress, thus making it unable to be defunded as government money is not involved.
  • 2016 Presidential Debates

    2016 Presidential Debates
    DACA became an extremely important issue during the 2016 presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Many Americans saw a need to end the program on both sides. Immigration and American safety values ultimately won Donald Trump the presidency along with other economic policies. With Trump's election, many Americans worried about the future of DACA and its life in government.
  • DACA Expansion Denied

    DACA Expansion Denied
    The DACA expansion was cancelled by the Department of Homeland Security. This meant the program would no longer receive new applicants and only be able to renew existing members. Along with this came the 6 month period which President Trump gave to congress to find a path to citizenship for DACA members, which was originally intended by deferring the dreamers to a later date such as DACA has stipulated.
  • 2018 Government Shutdown

    2018 Government Shutdown
    The DACA program and other immigration policies made their way into a bill on fund allocation. The bill was ultimately defeated and caused a government shutdown. The issue of DACA came to the forefront with many people demanding a solution be proposed for the immigrants. Donald Trump's plan of 12 years path to citizenship for DACA applicants has raised popularity, but has not been formally voted on at the moment.
  • DACA now

    DACA now
    DACA still accepts applications for those meeting original requirements and will renew previous applicants status. The program is still funded through application and renewal fees for everyone involved. The future of DACA is unknown and leaves many law abiding immigrants unknowing of their future in the US. Dual proposals on immigration have been put in place such as a border wall and DACA program but no official bill has been set forth. Democrats and Republicans are discussing the future now.