Czechslovakia Timeline

  • Czechoslovakia Gains Independence

  • World War I Ends as Germany Surrenders

  • 50 German Demonstrators Killed by Czech Legions

  • Thomas Masaryk Elected President of Czechoslovakia

  • Treaty of Trianon Gives Czechoslovakia part of Hungary

  • Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Romania are Allies

  • Hitler Invades Austria

  • Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia want Self-Government

  • Adolf Hitler Gains the Right to Invade Czechoslovakia's Borders

  • Munich Agreement Signed, Giving Hitler Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland

  • Germany Annexes Sudetenland

  • Republic of Czechoslovakia dissolved

  • Adolf Hitler Invades Czechoslovakia

  • World War II Begins

  • Gestapo Executed 120 Students Accused of Anti-Nazi Plotting in Czechoslovakia

  • Slovene Covenant Created

  • Period: to

    Communist Era

  • Prague Uprising

  • U.S Drops Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. which ends World War II

  • Period: to

    Soviet Troops Occupy Czechoslovakia

  • Period: to

    Mikhail Gorbachev Introduces the Russian Perestroika, Last Years of Communism

  • Velvet Revolution Ends Communism in Czechoslovakia

  • Czechoslovakia splits into Czech Republic and Slovakia