Cyberpunk History

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  • "Do Andriods dream of sheep?"

    "Do Andriods dream of sheep?"
    Cyberpunk is mainly recognised in recent decades, however this novel explores a world where machine could be man in the 1960's. Author Philip K. Dick was recognised 10 years after his death in 1982 with the remake hit Film Blade Runner. He is now considered one of the best Science Fiction writers of all time.
  • "Cyberpunk"

    Cyberpunk the word was introduced by Bruce Bethke author of "Amazing Fiction Stories". Although in the early 1980's it is known that Gardner Dozois was the first to use the word vaguely in a magazine he editored at the time.
    Cyber & Punk = Cyberpunk. Represents cybernetics and youth in society who are considered a "counterculture".
  • "Burning Chrome"

    "Burning Chrome"
    A book containing multiple short stories "Burning Chrome" written by William Gibson is published. This book requires reading time and time again to follow the script correctly. Ones mind must be tuned in with the skips in time frames and the hackers who mastermind their own identies. This book shows a dark element to Cyberpunk. Also the term Cyberspace is used for the first time.
  • EFF

    EFF The Secret Service cracks down on Hackers and EFF is formed:
    Their description: "The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world" (as citied on EFF website - see link).
  • "The Matrix"

    "The Matrix"
    The Matrix Series began in 1999, a film where the underworld meets virtual reality. Filmed at Warner Bro's Studios, the series were a huge hit and showcased the Cyberpunk society to the everyday person.
    Three films were made in total:
    The Matrix (1999),The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and The Matrix Revolutions (2003), (Wikipedia)