• Blade Runner

    Blade runner was a sci-fi movie released in the early 80's which embraced the cyberpunk theme set by the decade. The movie was a box office hit and created much influencial and speculated opinions on the perception of the future.
  • 'Cyberpunk' where did it come from?

    The first time 'Cyberpunk' had been mentioned as descriptive word or genre written in a short story called 'CyberPunk' by Bruce Bethke. The word and the story were published in magazine ; 'Amazing' science fiction stories. Although Bethke had not actually created the word 'Cyberpunk" as it had been constructed in the early 80's. However Bethke had officially created 'cyberspace' and CyberPunk science-fiction.
  • Progession of Cyberpunk

    William Gobson creates a short story enhancing the 'CyberPunk' theme during the mid 80's, called 'Burning Chrome'
  • The World Wide Web

    Hypertext and web browsers were developed for the use of the internet. With this the first we page was published and hence the beginning of the WWW! However it was only to be used by the governemt at this stage but as of 1993 it became used for public usage.
  • The Matrix

    The Matrix was a a sci-fi/action movie that was a box office hit when it was released in the 1990's with elements of cyberpunk it was the define moment of sheer greatness for the entire ''cyberpunk'/ sci-fi genre. Today it is still a popular movie and still leaves watchers confused, concerned and inquisitive to what the future may hold or in this case where we actually stand in the world now.