(CV) Hate List, Jennifer Brown, Fiction, 405

By Cicali
  • pg. 1-75

    you learn that Valerie's boyfriend went in one morning and shot multiple students, most of which were on the "hate list" they had created together. She doesn't want to go back to school, but she gets up to brave the first part of the day. She draws what she sees in people and how they react to her. She also has snippets of flashbacks to the shooting and newspaper articles. pg. 75 total (2012)
  • pg. 257-329

    Valerie joins Student Council when they decide to create a memorial for those who were lost in the shooting. Jessica, the girl she had jumped in front of to stop nick, befriends her and gives her some comfort. Val learns that her father is having an affair with his assistant and he hasn't told her mother. Val starts taking painting classes with a lady named Bea, who's a little out there. pg. 72 Total (2084)