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Cultural Events in Mexico

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    Last 10 Years

  • The Drug Cartel

    The Drug Cartel
    a drug cartel is someone who sells drugs to people and does bad stuff
  • Cinco de Mayo

    Cinco de Mayo
    Cinco de mayo is a celebration day for the dead the people have fun rand emember the lost
  • Mexico city quake

    Mexico city quake
    a while back in mexico city there was a huge earth quake that reaked havic in the town it basically destroyed everything in it's path it made cars crash & buildings fall and it killed up to: 10'000 to 40'000 people
  • The Dawn of Felip calderon

    The Dawn of Felip calderon
    during the year of 2006 a man named felip calderon took office and became presedent
  • Summer 1968 olympics

    Summer 1968 olympics
    during the summer of 1968 the olympic games got called down to mexico to test the mexicans of there flexability and there sklls and to spread glory for there home country