Cuban Revolution

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  • Fidel Castro's First Attack

    Fidel Castro's First Attack
    Fidel Castro and his Brother lead their first attack against Dictator Batista in Santiago de Cuba. This was an unsuccessful attack as they attempted to take the Moncada barracks. Image Source
  • Period: to

    Cuban Revolution

    The Cuban Revolution was an organized revolt lead by Fidel Castro against Dictator Fulgencio Batista from July 26, 1953, to Jan 1st, 1959. For five years and a half years, Cuba faced unrest and revolution until Castro overthrows Dictator Batista in 1959 to make Cuba a communist country. {Work Cited}(
  • Castro Gives “History Will Absolve Me” Speech

    Castro Gives “History Will Absolve Me” Speech
    Fidel Castro gives one of his most memorable speeches “History Will Absolve Me” during his trial for the charges of the attempted attack in Santiago de Cuba. Image Source
  • Castro is released from prison

    Castro is released from prison
    Batista pardons Castro after only serving two years of a fifteen-year prison sentence. At that time Batista no longer considered Castro as a political threat. Image Source
  • Castro meets Che Guevera

    Castro meets Che Guevera
    Che Guevera who played a major role in the Cuban Revolution meets Fidel and Raul Castro in Mexico. Guevera and Castro fight side by side in Guerrilla Warfare until Guevera's death on October 9th, 1967. Image Source
  • Castro Begins in Guerrilla Warfare

    Castro Begins in Guerrilla Warfare
    Che Guevera and Fidel Castro enter the Sierra Maestra Mountains in Cuba and begin to plan their Guerrilla warfare attacks against Batista and his military. Image Source
  • Students Attack Presidential Palace

    Students Attack Presidential Palace
    A group of anti-communist college students attempted assassination against Batista leaving forty students dead. Image source
  • US Withdraws Aid

    US Withdraws Aid
    As tensions rise with the United States, the United States cease all military aid to Batista. Soon after all aid is ceased by the United States. Image Source
  • Plane is Hijacked

    Plane is Hijacked
    A group of Fidel Castro supporters hijacked a Cuban plane leaving from Miami to supply Castro and his army with military aid. Image Source
  • Castro Overthrows Batista

    Castro Overthrows Batista
    Fidel Castro leads a revolt into Havana pushing Batista out of Cuba and forcing Batista's resignation as President of Cuba. Image Source
  • Fidel Castro becomes Prime Minister

    Fidel Castro becomes Prime Minister
    Fidel Castro is sworn in as Prime minister, assign's some of his Guerrilla army soldiers as elected officials. Image Source
  • Castro Visits the US

    Castro Visits the US
    Fidel Castro visits the United States four months after Cuba's revolution. Castro gives a talk to Council on Foreign Affairs in New York City and Castro Meets with American President Richard Nixon.
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