CSI Timeline

  • 700 B.C

    700 B.C
    The Chinese began using thumb prints on documents and clay sculptures
  • 250 B.C.

    A Greek physician named Erasistratus developed the first lie detector test
  • 1100

    A Roman attorney was able to prove that bloody palm prints were left on purpose to frame a man for murder
  • 1248

    The first book about using medical knowledge to solve crimes was written. It told how to determine if a person was a victim of drowning or if they had been strangled.
  • 1773

    A Swedish chemist figured out how to identify arsenic in corpses
  • Mid 1800s

    Mid 1800s
    Scotland Yard police began comparing bullets. These were the first ballistics tests
  • Late 1800s

    Late 1800s
    Scientists began using body temperature to determine time of death
  • 1903

    New York prisons began using fingerprinting
  • 1921

    The first portable polygraph machine was created
  • 1960s

    The FBI began using psychological profiling
  • 1980s

    DNA typing was developed