CSI sciences timeline

  • 750

    Lie detector

    First Lie Detector
    Erasistratus, an ancient Greek physician, discovers that his patients’ pulse rates increase when they are telling lies. Allegedly the first lie detection test.
  • Time of Death

    CSI scientists began using body temperature to determine a person's time of death.
  • Photography

    First advocation of the use of photography for the identification of criminals and the documentation of evidence and crime scenes.
  • Discovery of DNA

    DNA was found by James watson.
  • Finger printing

    Sir Francis Galton published works on how finger prints work and the potential they have for CSI>
  • Dental records

    Dental records are compared with teeth from corpses to see if they match.
  • Tape lifting

    Max Frei-Sulzer develops the tape lift method of collecting trace evidence.
  • Psychological profiling

    The FBI began using the technique of psychological profiling.
  • DNA testing

    Alec Jeffreys invents the very first DNA test.