Crossed by Ally Condie (367 pages- fiction)

  • Read pages 1-38

    As Cassia at her work destination she gets an unexpected vist from Xander. He's still her match which means he still gets to see her.
  • Read pages 39-102

    Cassia is transferred to another camp. Ky's camp but he has already ran away without this notice to find Cassia. She finds out from a friend where he has gone and she goes to look for him. Escaping with Indiw into the carving.
  • Reag pages 103-145

    Ky and Cassia both exploring through the canyons looking for a way to find each other. Ky's found where the abberitions were but there now gone and hes taken the food and papers they left behind. Idie and Cassia deside too climb the canyon walls and go to another canyon in hope to find Ky.
  • read pages 146-213

    As Cassia and Indie switch back to the same canyon they were in before they discover the society is in the canyon walls. They find signs of Ky. While following Ky's tracks Cassia takes a blue pill and becomes sick. At Ky's point Vick does from poison that fled from the sky in bombs to poison the river and instantly dies. Cassia finds Ky and Eli and they stay the night in the carving trying to cure Cassia's ilness and they decide to head back to the abandoned village in the morning.
  • Read pages 214- 241

    Indie, Cassia, Ky and Eli head back to the "abandoned" village to find someones still living here. His name was Hunter and they found him burrying his daughter who had just passes away. They made an agreement that if They went to into the canyon where the society is and told him aboiut it he would tell them about the rising and the pilot. They started there journey into the canyon and started there way into where the society is and/or was.
  • Read pages 242-265

    In the Society's canyon they find stored tissue samples. Hunter is angry that they kill the farnmers and choose to save them selves se he starts breaking the tissue samples. They notice a light seems to be flashing and Indie, Cassia, Ky, and Eli run out of the canyon and into the other one while Hunter stays smashing the samples with a rock.
  • read pages 266- 326

    HUnter escapes and find Cassia looking for more books for the rising. Indie trys to convince Ky to run away to the rising with her, and he denys the request. Cassia walks in on Ky burning the map to the rising and shes heartbroken and then Ky, Indie, Cassia, Eli and Hunter sleep in a cave and decides who goes where tomorrow morning.
  • read pages 327-367

    While Eli and Hunter decide to find the farmers, Indie and Cassia ride the boat to the rising and Ky has to walk to the rising. When they get there Cassia is sent into the Society and wroks there while Indie and Ky are in the out provinces. They decide to meet up at night one night. Thats where the book ends.