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    The cration of Croatian

    The two dynasties that where in Croatia unified their territories, the culture, and the lenguage. Mixuring the three principal dialects (chakavian, kajkavian and Shtokavian) this dynasties created the Croatian, the Dalmatian and the Slavonian
  • Period: to

    The Gaj,s alphabet

    Gaj was the leader of the illyrian period, what was a movement that had the goal of standarize the inconsistent lenguages in Croatia. To do this Gaj created the Gaj,s alphabet (based on latin alphabet)
  • Period: to

    Illyrian movement triumph

    The Zagreb's Philological School accepted the new Croatian culture (the new alphabet and the modifications) so the illyrian movement turned very popular. At the end all the people accepted the new modifications.
  • Declaration on the Status and Name of the Croatian

    A lot of croatian writters and readers demanded gretaed autonomy for Croatian as a lenguage. Now a days its considered policy mileston that is also a general milestone in national politics.
  • Aceptation of Croatian lenguage as an EU principal lenguage

    Croatian became an official EU lenguage upon accesion of Croatia to the EU
  • Declaration on the common language

    Experts from Croatia, Bosnia-herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro drafted a new project, a new common lenguage that is going to unify this contries.