Criminal technology timeline

  • The start of the Internet

    The internet became a globally accesible home accesory, this was the first step in the road of spyware and hacking to be invented. and as it was a vital step foward for globalisation it led to the wider need for news which started phone hacking and other such actitvities to obtain information.
  • Period: to

    Modern Crime Technology

  • First Antivirus software

    While there is disagreement over who created the first antivirus softare, it is widley regaded that first removal of a virus from a computer was performed in 1987 by bernd fix. the first comerical anti virus software was also made this year.
  • The First Firewall

    The first fire wall was made by digital equipment corperation, (DEC) Devloped a system that collects all files being sent to the computer and destroys all that dont match up with what it is allowed to let through.
  • The First virus

    The Frist Virus was published by Graduate student Morris of cornell university in 1998. He claimd it was an experiment to gain access to as many computers as possible, on November 2 when he released it it infected all the computers at the place and caused 10 million in damages before he subtley got his friend to send them a method of how to fix it.
  • First Spyware

    The first usage of the term "spyware" was in 1994 on a site called usernet. Then in 2000 steve gibson, owner of gibson research noticed that two ads from different companies had been loaded onto his computer, he suspected them of collecting data without him realizing it.
  • Love Hurts

    Love Hurts is a virus that was widley hated and feared through the spring of 2000, It spred through millions of computers worldwide. It spred between computers via internet chat sites and other file sharing sites. the worm also hacked microsoft outlook and sent itself to millions in the global email book. it caused millions of dollars of damage to computers worldwide and is one of the worst viruses of all time.
  • Storm Worm

    The Storm worm is widley regaded as one of the worlds worst viruses of all time. it is a trojan horse virus (one that looks like an attack but has its payload somewhere else. it is called storm worm becaause it arrives in you e-mails with the message "230 dead as storm batters europre/
  • Phone Hacking

    Rupert Murdoch a world renounded journilist but had started hacking athletes phones to gather information, this was a move that would come back to haunt him one day When he was caught and his empire was ruined