Cowstello na Colina Goverment

By dkud
  • 500

    Civilization ends

    Civil war ends after the discovery of gold and people wanting more.
  • Period: 500 to

    Cowstello na Colina

  • Nov 21, 1200


    People request a new party
  • Nov 21, 1350


    The amount of people in parliment incrased to 20
  • Nov 21, 1400


    Each offence had a fair punishment.
  • Nov 21, 1500

    A change in punishment

    People were now hanged not burned to death
  • Punishment

    Punishments were put into three categories: minor, major and execution
  • Punishment

    People were executed by being put into a fire. It was a harsh method.
  • Parliment change

    The amount of people in parliment was incrased to ten
  • Laws become harsher

    People have voted on changing the laws to become harsher in certaion offences
  • Leader of the city

    The leader of the city decides to make a parlament and becuase of the city people demanding a change in goverment. There were three different groups: federation of cows, slave labour and green grass.
  • First city

    the first city was built
  • Parliment

    There was 3 key people in parliment at this time
  • Parliment

    The amount of people in parliment increased to 25
  • Demorcracy Started

  • Tribal leader

    One of the tribal leader doesn't want to stop being a leader so he changes the sytem back to a monarchy.
  • Goverment system changed

    One tribal leader decides to change the sytem of choosing the leader to democracy because of death threats and assains trying to kill him.
  • Start of civilization

    Villages start coming together.
  • Tribal leader

    The tribal leader at this time was chosen be monarch rule by a king