• 2023 BCE


    so it came frome scotland in 1873 in to the us.
    so the angus is solid black, and thay cant grow any horns.
  • hereford

    so the hereford was the first introduced into the us in1827. and there colers are red,with a white head and legs and in the underline and the can grow horns and they are a mothering breed
  • polled hereford

    so the polled hereford had came to the us in 1817 and they are naturally hornless and thy are red with a white face,legs and in the underline
  • shorthorn

    so the shorthorn came in to the us in 1783 and thay are from england and there colers are red and swhite or roan color and they are oreginaly used as a dual purpose breed for meat and milk and they are sometimes called the Durham breed.
  • simmental

    and the simmental where brought to the us is 1971 and there colers are orange/yellow and white to black in color and they are the oldest breed of cattle in the world and they are larg, powerful breed in the world
  • Gelbvieh

    the gelbvieh where brought to the us in 1970s and there colors are red.
  • charolais

    the charolais are white in colerand are heavily mucled and
    coarse looking.
  • santa gertrudis

    that thay live in king ranch and in takes
  • hampshier orio pig

    hampshier orio pig
    that they live in the us and there ears are erect and there colers are black and whight
  • texas longhorn

    the texses live in north america and thay are known for thare long horns and where near extinction in 1927
  • brahman

    brahman are able to servive on very little, poor feed
    and they are insect and heat resistant and thare colers are white to greay or red to black
  • salers

    the salers are in france and thay are the fastest growing breed in the usa and ther colers are red to black in color
  • maine anjou

    the maine anjou are dark with white markings or black

    and thay live in france.
  • Duroc

    that the Dorco wa made in the us and thereears are DROOPY and thay are chery red
  • bershire

    the bershire had lived in england and thare ears are erect and there colors are black with 6 white points
  • poland china

    poland china
    the pland china and thay live in ohio and thare ears are droody and there colers are blackwith6 white points.
  • spotted

    thay live in ohio and there ears are droopy and there colers are no less then 20% or more then 80% white
  • leghorn

    thay live in medatranean
    and thay lay most abundant egg layngg breed
  • chester white

    chester white
    the they live in pennsy/vania
    and thare ears are Droopy(meadiomsized)
    and there colers are white with blue freckulse
  • new hampshier

    new hampshier
    thay live in amarica and thay are red fatherd and thay live in the us
  • wyandotte

    that they live in amarican,and thay have rounded birds and thay are originaly frome the united states.and thay come in several different varieties and thay come in several differant varieties and thare colers are (white,buff,silver-Laced,colombian,black,etc.)
  • Barred playmouth rock

    Barred playmouth rock
    that thay live inamarica and thay arebarred refers to the varietyof feathers have sharply defined dark lines large bodied birdslays brown eggs
  • catalana

    that thay live in meditranea and that produce meadeum white sized eggs and thay have white earlobs snd thay have large red combsthat flop over in the females
  • rhode island red

    rhode island red
    and thay live in amererican and thay have long rectangular body and thay arepopulr for the bockyard flocks and thare feathers are beep redfeathers and thay lay brown eggs.
  • cochin

    and thay live in asiatic and thay are massive appearnce with breast carred low and thay areoriginaly frome china.
  • cornish crosschicken

    cornish crosschicken
    that thare cross breed of chucken (white cornish and commonly white play mouth rock and that are originaly from england
  • cornish rock

    cornish rock
    and thay are heafer birdwhith closely-knit feathers. feathers mix and match (green,brown,blue) and thay produse small brown eggs, slow growth brown eggs. and slow growth rate.and thay are heavily muscled and broad breasted and thay speack english.
  • minorca

    and thay live in meditrania and the produse chulck white eggs and thayproduce large eggs