Course of World War 1

  • War Starts

    On this date Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia
  • Russian Mobilisation

    Russia begins to mobilise its army
  • Germany Declares War on Russia

  • Germnay Invades Belgium

    Germnay invades Belgium and Luxenburg as part of their Schleifen plan.
  • Britan Enters the War

    Britan follows throuhg on its treaty with Belgium and enters the war on the Allied side, declaring war on Germnay.
  • USA Remains Neutral

    President Wilson of the United States declares that they will remmain neutral in this war.
  • First Zeppelin Raid on Britain

  • Battle of Gallipoli begins

  • Sinking of the Lusitania

    An American ship with passangers was sunk by a German U-boat
  • Italy Declares war on Germnay and Austri-Hungary

    After first being in an alliance with both countries (triple alliance) Italy chnages sides.
  • Germany Captures Warsaw

    Germany takes Warsaw from the Russians
  • Nicholas II in Controle

    Tsar Nicholas II of Russia takes personal controle over the army.
  • Conscription

    Conscription begins in Great Britan
  • Battle of Verdun Starts

    This was the longest battle of World War One
  • British Surender to the Turks

    British forces are forced to surender to the Turkish at Kut
  • Battle of Jutland

    One of the major naval battles of this war begins.
  • Somme Offensive

    An offensive by France and Britan against the Germans. Here the tanks are introduced.
  • Loyed George

    Loyed George becomes prime minister of Great Britan
  • Unrestricted Submarine War fare

    Germnay starts its unrestricted submarine war fare
  • Nicholas II Abdicates

    Nicholas II abdicates and a provisional government takes over.
  • US Enters the War

    The US declares war on Germnay
  • Bolsheviks

    The Bolsheviks overthrow the provisonal government and take over.
  • Russia and Germany have Armestice

    Russia and Germnay agree to an armestice
  • British capture Jerusalem

    The British take Jerusalem from the Turks
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    The treaty is signed between Russia and Germnay taking Russia out of the war.
  • Germany asks for an Armastice

    Germany, having seen the 14 points of Wilson ask for an Armastice.
  • Turkey Makes Peace

  • Austria Makes Peace

  • Kaiser Wilhelm Abdicates

  • End of the War

    The Armastice is signed.