Countess Sophie Andreevn Tolstoy

  • Date Of Birth

    Date Of Birth
    She was born in the country, at the village of Pokrovskoye, in the manor of Glyebov-Stryeshnev
  • First meating Count Tolstoy

    First meating Count Tolstoy
    her mother took her and her sisters to see their grandfather at the village of tsi in Odoevsi.
  • Count Tolsty visits

    Count Tolsty visits
    in his dirary he wrote
    I am in love, as i did not think it was possible to be in love. i am a madman;i 'll shoot myself, if it goes on like this. they had an evening party; she is charmin in everything
  • Count Tolstoy visits again

    Count Tolstoy visits again
    next diary entery
    to-morrow as soon as i get up, i shall go and tell everything or shoot myself...
  • The Proposal

    The Proposal
    The count gave her a written proposal even though she had no idea why
  • The Wedding

    The Wedding
    The were married in the royal church of the nativitu of our lady, and lefft imidetly affterwards to yasnaya polyana in a new carrage with a team of six horses and a postilliopn
  • a major decision

     a major decision
    soon affter they were married leo (count tolstoy) decided he needed an activity to keep himself he diary he wrote
    "i feel the force of the need to write"
  • tatyana Alexandra Ergoloskii (AUnt)

  • Moscow

    when they moved to moscow they were concernd for the education of the elder cildren........
    their oldest son serge enterd the unicersity their other two sons, Iya and Leo weree set vt the count to L. I./ Polivanov classical school.and teir doughter was sent to the school of painting and sculpture
  • The youngest

    The youngest
    Alesha was born
  • summber of 1884

    she was driven into distress by her husbands behavior and prayed for death
  • Artical in the newspaper

    published my letter to the metopoliticans and synod on leo nickolaeevich's excommunitcation.
  • Journal Dlava Vsvekh

    Journal Dlava Vsvekh
    was published in th eJournal Dlva Vsvekh whithout her name on it or anyone knowing it was her who wrote a pome in it
  • Soohie tolstoy

    Soohie tolstoy
    death date