Costumes in music videos

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  • Interrogation room 2

    Interrogation room 2
    Plan B is behind the police in the interrogation room, wearing the same first costume.
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    Costumes and locations in music videos

  • Interrogation room

    Interrogation room
    In this shot the artist is being interrogated, he is in an interrogation room wearing a different hoodie.
  • Slo mo air fall

    Slo mo air fall
    In this shot the artist is in a hoodie falling to the ground, this is the first costume we see him in.
  • Laying on the street

    Laying on the street
    Plan B is laying on the road from the fall we see at the beginning.
  • In the alley

    In the alley
    In this shot we have Plan B twice in both the dark grey hoodie and in the background in the light grey hoodie.
  • Shooting in the alley

    Shooting in the alley
    Plan B is in another hoodie, this time a black one, he is holding a gun and shooting in the alleyway
  • Back in the interrogation room

    Back in the interrogation room
    Plan B is back in the interrogation room and back in the interrogation seat, wearing thr dark grey hoodie
  • Close up of face on street

    Close up of face on street
    Plan B is in the light grey hoodie done up with a light being shone in his face from the bottom.