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  • corinne bailey rae birthday

    corinne bailey rae  birthday
    Corinne was born in Leeds in 1979. Her full name is Corinne Jacqueline bailey And she was the oldest of three daughters
  • corinne's college

    Corinne graduated from college in 2000 she went to college at the University of Leeds
  • corinne married

    Corinne got married in 2001 when she was 22 to Jason Ray
  • music

    Corinne started to get popular for her music when she got Signed by Global Talent in 2004
  • popular?

    Her song “Put Your Records On” was and still is her most famous song
  • #1

    In 2006 she released her first album baby kitten the fourth female British act in history to have their first album Number One.
  • first single!

    first single!
    She also released her first single in February of 2006 called "like a star”
  • grammy?

    in 2008 Corinne bailey rae won a grammy!
  • passing

    She became a widow in 2008 and her husband died of drugs and alcohol
  • second album

    second album
    in 2010 Corinne Released her second album called “the sea“
  • remarried

    in 2013 Corinne remarried her producer Steve Brown
  • third album

    Corinne released her third album called “the heart speaks in Whispers
  • top chart

    Later in the year 2016, Corinne's album got up to the 14th I mean UK album chart
  • pregnant

    In 2017 she became pregnant with a beautiful baby girl. she had her with her second husband Steve Brown
  • tour

    Now in 2020, she is going on a tour that will be hosted in 2021