Copper Sunrise:Plot

  • Migration

    In the beginning of the book Jamie and his family migrate to the "New World". They are on a ship called the "Star of Bethlehem". This is important because the whole story takes place in the "New World".
  • Period: to

    Book Parts

  • Rumours Spread

    Rumours about the "savages" spread through Jamie's village. Everyone is feeling a mix of fear and hate towards the "savages". This is important because that mix a fear and hate spark something that happens later on.
  • Jamie Meets a "Savage"

    After Robert kills a seal Jamie goes wandering in the forest angrily trying to find him. When near a pand in the forest Jamie meets a "savage" named Tethani. This is important because in the story Jamie and Tethani spend a lot of time to together.
  • Attacks Are Planned

    Mr. Craven from England came to Jamie's town. He called the "savages" "filthy vermin" and said we must attack and wipe them out. This is important because without this part the ending wouldn't happen.
  • Murder

    Jamie wanted to help save Tethani's family from th e hunters. When he and Tethani were sitting in the forest they saw hunters chasing Tethani's people. They were headed towards Tethani's home where his family was! Jamie left Tethani there to see what had happened. Tethani's family was dead. Later Tethani got shot too. All of Tethani's people are dead also.