Cooperation During Colonization

By ousher
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  • Working with Apprentices

    Working with Apprentices
    Families would hire apprentices to help them around the farm and so they could learn what to do. Girls would help the women around the house and the boys would help the men out in the field.
  • Within Homes

    Within Homes
    Mothers would stay home to cook, teach their children, and get te house ready while the men would be out in the fields working for money.
  • New Law for Schools

    New Law for Schools
    There was a law passed that instead of either being home-schooled by their parents or paying for their education their would be at least one school that children would go to for each colony that would get payed and supported by taxes.
  • Iroquois Confederacy

    Iroquois Confederacy
    The Iroquois Confederacy had to side with Britain to go against the French (their former allie) because they were under great pressure from Britain.
  • Native Americans Join Colonists to Fight

    Native Americans Join Colonists to Fight
    Many native american tribes joined forces with the different colonies, mainly Britain and France.
  • Albany Plan of Union

    Albany Plan of Union
    Benjamin Franklin implemented a new government for the colonists. It held representators for each colony and the representatives would be looked over by a royal governor.
  • Government Today

    Government Today
    Benjamin Franklin put in a new government in 1754 and some of it still applies today. There were representatives from each colony and they were looked over by someone of more value (royal governor). We now have representatives from each state and they are looked over by the President who rules the country.
  • Allies Today

    Allies Today
    We still have allies and depend upon some of them today. They trade goods, animals, etc. with them, also. They also help us during war and other things.
  • Schools Today

    Schools Today
    Schools and teachers are still payed with the taxes that the citizens of that state/country pay every month.
  • Internships Today

    Internships Today
    Just like they hired people in the 1600's people still get hired today to help out and learn how to do the jobs. They get hired to do internships that usually relate to the job they want to have when they get older.