The Glass Castle

Timeline created by meadow.mettlewsky
  • Cooking hot dogs

    Cooking hot dogs
    When Jeanette was just 3 years old, she lit on fire. When she was hungry, she boiled hot dogs on the stove. She would turn on the stove, by herself. She was wearing a tutu and then it and she lit on fire. She was raced to the hospital by her neighbor, living somewhere in Arizona at the time. Her mom was in the living room, sewing and told Jeanette that she knew what to do. This was a huge hardship, instead of overcoming fire and being afraid, she embraced it and became fascinated with fire.
  • Miles past

    Miles past
    When Jeanette was 4, her parents and siblings went on a journey across the country and as they were driving, Jeanette fell out of the car, and tumbled down the road. Her dad was drunk driving, her mom was in her own world and nobody noticed for several miles. This is when Jeanette first had a taste of abandonment, when they thought she was going to be left on the side of the road. This was a huge and reoccurring hardship in Jeanette’s life. (Feeling of abandonment)
  • Sink or Swim

    Sink or Swim
    Jeanette was 6, when they moved to Battle Mountain Nevada. They moved into a depot, and furnished their house with whatever they can find. A few weeks later they go to the Hot Pot, which is a “pool.” Rex decided it was time for Jeanette to learn how to swim, he would throw her, and not help her or baby her. He did this multiple times until she finally got it. Rex said “Sink or Swim.” She knew he meant, you have to do what you gotta do to survive and help your family survive.
  • The Green Lantern

    The Green Lantern
    Jeanette was 6 years old, her and Brian came across a place called the Green Lantern, mom had always said awful things about the place and to stay away from it. Brian and Rex went out for dinner one day and a lady named Ginger who works at the Green Lantern went with them. Jeanette didn’t understand what the Green Lantern was, it was a brothel and now, Jeanette can infer that Rex did cheat. This was not a hardship when it happened, but years later it’s easier to understand and harder to accept.
  • West Vrigina

    West Vrigina
    Jeanette moved to Welch. They lived with Rex's mom. Jeanette hated it there, Erma was incredibly racist and rude. One day Jeanette found Erma sexually assaulting Brian, she called for help and called Erma a pervert. Erma tried slapping Jeanette, but Lori grabbed her hand and stopped her, she slapped Lori but she punched Erma in the face. Their parents came home just to be thrown out of the house. This strongly impacted Jeanette, but she overcame it by sticking up for Brian and became stronger.
  • Leaving Welch

    Leaving Welch
    Jeanette was 15 when she knew where she wanted to go when she left Welch. Lori was the first to graduate high school, and they had a plan for both of them to move to New York. Jeanette bought a piggy bank,named him Oz. It was just them, then Brian. They saved up for almost a year, Lori was about to graduate and move to New York. Jeanette came home to find Oz smashed open and everything gone. Rex took all the money. This affected Jeanette a lot because her own father stole from her, Lori, Brian.
  • Saying goodbye

    Saying goodbye
    Jeanette was 17 when she finally left Welch. Saying goodbye to Rex and Rosemary was hard, but she knew there were great things for her in New York. Jeanette had many times to say to her dad that she was disappointed and that he had let her down. But Jeanette could not hurt him like that and she wouldn’t and didn't. That’s another hardship for her, she could tell her mom to do better, but not Rex. He was different, they had a bond and if Jeanette said something, it would ruin it. She was afraid.
  • Surprise!

    Jeanette had been living in NewYork for a while now and then her parents are calling them that they are in New York. They did not stay with Jeanette till they “got on their feet.” They stayed with Lori and Brian. Brian and Lori only got Rex or Rosemary. This was incredibly hard for Jeanette to watch because she was in school, and staying with someone, not having her own place to invite her parents into, she was grateful for that, but it was hard watching her siblings get so mad and frustrated.
  • No home to go to

    No home to go to
    Jeanette was 20 when her parents were officially homeless. Brian and Lori had enough and kicked them out, Jeanette was living her best life. But couldn’t help but worry all the time about her parents. Jeanette was always invited to her parents new “home." While Jeanette went to school and work, people asked about her parents, she was embarrassed so she lied about them, time and time again. This was a huge hardship, because she couldn’t be herself and that messed with her and who she dated,
  • Rex's last skedaddle

    Rex's last skedaddle
    When Jeanette was 34 years old, she had gotten a call from her Dad, asking her to come over, and there was something important he had to tell her, but at the end of it he asked her to bring a bottle of vodka. Jeanette was skeptical, but went anyway. Rex and Rosemary let Jeanette know that Rex was dying, and he was. One week later Rex died of a heart attack. Jeanette was incredibly hurt, because they had such a close relationship growing up. This was one of her biggest hardships to overcome.