Context in Video Games - Fallout

By bends
  • The Great War

    The Great War begins and ends, lasting only 2 hours. Most of the planet is razed to the ground from the nuclear weapons used.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel is founded.

  • Psychoactive drugs are released to the residents of Vault 106.

  • The residents of Vault 87 are transformed into super mutants as part of an experiment by Vault-Tec.

  • Little Lamplight, the city of children is founded

  • Vault 111 is allowed to be opened, but the overseer refuses to open it, causing a mutiny.

  • Ambassadors from Vault 94 leave the vault to find and help survivors.

  • Vault 77's social experiment begins with its sole resident opening the crate of puppets.

  • The resident of Vault 77 leaves into the wasteland.

  • Radiation effects become more prominent with the mutations of humans and animals.

  • Sierra Army Depot VI's AI, Skynet, becomes self-aware

  • The Brotherhood of Steel begins focusing on getting supplies from the neighboring factions.

  • Vault 95's experiment by Vault-Tec begins.

  • The city of Necropolis is founded by ghoul survivors.

  • The Brotherhood of Steel creates an outpost at Big Bend Tunnel.

  • Vault 29 opens releasing Harold to become a trader.

  • Vault 8 opens and Vault City is founded

  • The Los Angeles Vault opens and the Boneyard is founded.

  • The Hub is founded by Angus.

  • The residents of Vault 22 leave the vault due to an outbreak of mutated spores.

  • Vault 15 opens.