Contemporary Theatre(Gay and Lesbian)

By lizmmck
  • Michael Bennett

    Michael Bennett
    Michael Bennett is a famous Broadway Choreographer and dancer born in 1943 and starting his career in 1961 as baby John in the play West Side Story. He was also a theatre director, producer, and writer. "For this Coleman/Fields musical, Bennet not only directed and choreographed, but wrote the book as well. He won the 1974 tony for choreography, and snagged nominations for both book and direction"(Masterworks Broadway). Michael had relationships with both men and women making him queer.
  • Moises Kaufman

    Moises Kaufman
    Moises Kaufman is a gay theatre director. He was born in 1963 which started the years of difference that he would make in the theatre world. "Moises founded Tectonic Theater project with his husband, Jeff LaHoste"(Tectonic Theater Project). This project was a big deal for the LGBTQ theatre community. This project helped interpret plays especially the difficult ones such as LGBTQ plays. He also wrote plays such as The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde and 33 Variations.
  • First year gay theatre evolved

    First year gay theatre evolved
    This was the first time there was an openly gay play available for viewing in theatres. "in 1964, despite a social climate of homophobia that pervaded American life for the second third of the 20th century, two one-act plays presented off-off-Broadway at the Caffe Cino revolutionized how gay characters could be represented theatrically"(Blanley). During this time plays were still highly censored and gay was a big censor but these plays broke that censorship.
  • First gay play on Broadway was first cast off broadway

    First gay play on Broadway was first cast off broadway
    "Mart Crowley's The Boys in the Band(1968), the first play on Broadway specifically about gay men, is often said to have marked a turning point in the acceptability of plays about homosexuality,(Brockett, 253-254). In 1968 is when "The boys in the Band" first set on stage though it didn't hit Broadway until the 1970's. The play also became a movie causing several different forms of showing what its like to be gay to the world.
  • stonewall Riots

    stonewall Riots
    The Stonewall Riots were an event that occurred "(When a group of homosexuals, reacting to years of intimidation in New York, attacked police who were raiding a gay bar)"(Brockett, 254). These riots were a breakthrough in the LGBTQ theatre community. After these riots occurred "advocated of Gay pride encouraged greater openness in productions about gay life"(Brockett, 254). They wanted more awareness spread and that could be done safely through theatre.
  • Rhinoceros Theatre evolves

    Rhinoceros Theatre evolves
    The Rhinoceros Theatre is a theatre made specifically for the queer community. The theatre "was founded in san Francisco, in August 1977, by the late Allan B. Estes, jr."(Theatre Rhinoceros). Allan Estes developed this theatre because he wanted a safe place to explore and enlighten the community with the world of the Queer. The first play was "The West Street Gang" by Doric Wilson.
  • GLAAD formed

    GLAAD formed
    GLAAD stands for Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. GLAAD was formed to give extra support to the LGBTQ community during the Aids pandemic. "GLAAD was formed to combat defamatory media coverage and representations of gays and lesbians stemming from the onset of the AIDS epidemic. Since then, GLAAD has had a powerful impact on the stage and screen representation of gays and lesbians"(Brockett, 254). GLAAD still works hard today to educate the world on the LGBTQ community.
  • Angels in America play came out

    Angels in America play came out
    This play was a phenomenon in the LGBTQ community. It had a gay couple as one of the main story lines and showed their true love for each other. The play is based on the AIDS pandemic and follows this gay couple as they struggle with the fact they are about to be parted by death. "Throughout the world, Angels in America was one of the most produced plays of the 1990s, marking it as one of the most celebrated American plays written in the last thirty years"(Brockett, 255).
  • Lionheart theatre company inducted into hall of fame

    Lionheart theatre company inducted into hall of fame
    The lionheart theatre company was formed in the 1970s and created and produced plays based on the experience of gays and lesbians. the lionheart theatre company "presented the world's first play about AIDS("one", by Jeff Hagedorn), had the first gay/lesbian off-loop underground hit("Gunsel"), and offered the first play on lesbian domestic violence("Behind the Curtain")"(Lionheart Gay theatre company). This theatre contributed to the Gay community in theatre and deserved the hall of fame award.
  • First LGBTQ Lullaby

    First LGBTQ Lullaby
    The LGBTQ lullaby is called The Rainbow Lullaby. It is LGBTQ because an assortment of LGBTQ actors, writers, artists, and musicians perform in the album. "Ryan Bauer-Walsh conceived the project in memory of his mother, Nancy, as a way to continue her legacy of maternal strength"(Creators Faire). Some of the contributors to the album included Broadway stars and directors/ writers such as Jamie Cepero, or Jay Armstrong Johnson.