Contemporary Modern Dance

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    Pina Bausch

    Pina Bausch dance work were a mixture of dance and theater. She also included extravagant sets, props, text or dialogue into her dance creations to fully set the mood of dance work that was created for her audience members. Also, Pina felt that her audience members should be challenged mentally and emotionally through the dance work that they view.
    Here is some of Pina dance pieces
    The Rite of Spring (1975)
    Kontakthof (1978)
    Full Moon (2006)
    Nelken (1982)
  • Twyla Tharp

    Twyla Tharp is a dancer, choreographer, and author. In 1966 created the dance company called Twyla Tharp Dance. Twyla dance creating work has different type of music in it. Such as, classical, jazz, and contemporary pop music.
  • Liz Lerman

    Liz Lerman is a choreographer and is the founder of the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange company. Liz style of dance is made up by the following the characterized of her personal life, multi-generational casting, current events, scientific research, humor, public participation, and interdisciplinary collaboration.
    Here is some Liz dance creations
    The Matter of Origins (2011)
    Ferocious Beauty: Genome (2006)
  • Bill Jones

    Bil Jones is a choreographer, director, author and dancer. Bill is also the co-founder of the Bill T. Jones and Arnie Zane Dance Company. Bill is also the Artistic Director of the New York Live Arts dance company.
    Here is some of Bill dance creations
    Still and Here (1999)
    Fondly Do We Hope Fervently Do We Pray (2010)
  • Mark Morris

    Mark Morris is a dancer, choreographer and director. Mark dance creation is acclaimed to the public for its craftsmanship, ingenuity, and humor that our in his dance creations. Mark is also popular among dance and music world, as well as a mainstream audience. Here is some of Mark dance creations
    The Hard Nut (1991)
    L'Allegro (1988)
    Sesame Street
  • Anne Teresa, Baroness De Keersmaeker

    Anne Teresa, Baroness De Keersmaeker is a contemporary dance choreographer. Anna started the Rosas company in 1983. The three objectives that Anne set out to accomplish as a choreographer and as a business owner was to intensify the relationship between dance and music, to build a repertory, and to launch a dance school.
    Here is some of Anne dance creations that she did
    Rosas danst Rosas (1983)
    Achterland (1990)
  • The Pilobolus dance company

    Pilobolus is a modern dance company The Pilobolus dance company has performed over 100 choreographic dance works in more than 64 countries around the world. The Pilobolus dance company has also been featured on several TV shows. These are the following 79th Annual Academy Awards, The Oprah Winfrey Show and Late Night with Conan O'Brien.
    Here is one of their dance creations that they did
    Symbiosis (2005)
  • The Cloud Gate Dance Theater

    The Cloud Gate Dance Theater is a modern dance group based in Taiwan. The Cloud Gate Dance Theater group was it first of its kind in Taiwan and Asia. It was founded by choreographer Lin Hwai-min.
    Here is one of their dance pieces that they did
    Moon Water (1998)
  • Sankai Juku

    Sankai Juku is an internationally dance company. The Sankai Juku dance company is Co-founded by Amagatsu Ushio. The Sankai Juku dance company travel around the world, performing and teaching. As of 2010, The Sankai Juku dance company had already performed in 43 countries and visited more than 700 cities.
    Here is one of their dance pieces that they did
    Kajemi-Beyond the Metaphors of Mirrors (2000)
  • DV8 Physical Theater

    The DV8 Physical Theater is a dance company that is based in England and is led by Lloyd Newson. The DV8 Physical Theater performs both live dancing and dancing that is done for the camera.

    Here is some of dance creations that The DV8 Physical Theater did
    Cost of Living (2004)
    Strange Fish (1992)
    Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men (1988, 1989)