contempery americnan housing from 1962-2012

  • housing of 1962

    Average cost of a new house was 12,500, the house built in 1962-1963 shows the architectural abilities in the early '60s
  • housing of 1972

    Average cost of a new house $27,000 rent was $165 building shown in picture was constructed in 1972 to give you an idea of architecture
  • housing of 1982

    As the years went on you can see how more complex in the design. The average cost of a new houseat this time was $82,000 and rent was $320.
  • 1992

    Average cost of new house jumped to $123000
  • 2002

    prices of housing greatly dropped in 2002 due to a economic down fall
  • current housing of today

    Average price of a new house is $250,000 but due to te current economic state houses are not selling to well