Consequences of Unhealthy Behaviors

  • Behaviors that lead to death

    Most teens love to fit in with the crowd so they do what everyone else does. In the book it states “However, there are risks that can be dangerous to a person’s health or the health of others. ”(health6.3) Teens would chose to a party and decide to get drunk because their friends are too.
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    In the book it states “Teenagers are finding their feet in the world and part of that often includes a sense of wanting to belong and 'fit in”(health6.3) The teen could have chose to drink alcohol because they were pressured to. This here could lead them to get behind the wheels and dive while drunk. This here could cause them to get in an accident and possible lead to death. Thousands of teens die every year due to drunk driving.
  • Example

    My cousin decided to make a very poor decision with their friends. “Many teenagers take risks daily in their day to day lives”(health6.3) They decided to take a risk and take drink alcohol. Note that not only was it their first time but they drank more then they should. They got really drunk that they fell and bumped their head so hard they were consciously knocked out. They ended up in the hospital, and the doctor said they could have hurt their brain from close enough overdose.