By Ty0920
  • Aug 3, 1492

    Christiphor Columbus

    Christiphor Columbus
    Left Spain with three small ships in August 1492. After 33 days at sea he sighted land.He came ashore a small island on the Carribean sea and claimed it for Spain.
    His route was
    He set sail
    The Indians he met wore a lot of gold they had 3 G's
  • Oct 1, 1519


    Goal was to make a map of the Gulf of Mexico shoreline.
    He did it while riding in a ship never touching land because he not get close to the beach because it's too shallow. His map was not very accuate because he could only draw the parts he saw.He could only draw few rivers and missed about six of them.
  • Oct 16, 1519

    hernan cortes

    hernan cortes
    Main goal was to find more gold.
    Route: Built ports around alot of islands and loaded them with supplies.Route came from Cuba to Mexico. Mexico at the time was called "new Spain".
    Goal was to capture and rule the Asteck indians.
    1st thing He did in Mexico was scuttle or sink 3 of his ships so the crew members could not leave and strand him if they got scared.They attack the asteck empire.The leader told him if he left he would fill the room up He killed the leader.
    He found lots of gold.
  • Oct 20, 1527


    First black man to enter Texas.
  • Nov 6, 1527

    Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca

    Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca
    Lands in Galvenston island about 12 guys left. He comes upon Karankawa indians who where very nice and nursed them back to help.Cabaza de Vaca saved a mn who was shot with an arrow and he was made shaman.they finnaly escape. Route:Galvenston to ST Plains,Edwards plateau,Follows Rio Grande arrives at Mnt.and Basins.Indians capture him.They capture him again.And take him to Mexico city.He meets the governer and he told him about Cibola.He went home and wrote a book.
  • Oct 20, 1528


    His goal was to explore the Gulf of Mexico by land using Pineda's map.Route: left Cuba went to Flordia to where is now Tampa Bay. He met Indians and asked them if there was any gold. Though there was none the indians told him yes but he had to go to the interior of Floridia. It is a big swap land and in he and his men are attcked by alligators, poisionos snakes,and mean indians. When he gets back his 3 ships are gone.They made wraps out of clothes.It was Hurricanes season.
    Results: Epic failure
  • Oct 21, 1531

    Fray Marcos

    Fray Marcos
    Goal is to find Cibola.,El paso.Followed Rio grande north.
    Exspedition arrives he see's Cibola from across a valley.Then he left.Result: He saw Cibola.Organized the largest expedition in history to conquer Cibola.
  • Oct 22, 1540


    Goal: To be famous;glory.
    To conquer Cibola. Route: same as Fray Marcos.He gets to Cibola only finds poor Indians;The zuni. Dosent find a golden city but finds adobe houses of golden hay.He continues to explore for Cibola.They make the Turk tell Carnado that there is a goldent city but it is further north.Leave New Mex.Enters Texas.They end up going in big circles.They got to what they thought was Cibola but again it was just adobe houses. So they chopped off the Turks head,.
  • Oct 22, 1542


    Goal: find Cibola. Route:East Texas to nachadoches then he left.
    He found oil.
    He explored the panhandle and claimed it.
  • Onate

    Route: El paso, Valley of the RIo Grande.
    Goal: Create some Spanish settlements in the RIo Grande Valley. Find gold.
    He established Santa Fe. Goes into pahandle of Texas to find gold.Result: He dosent find gold.Spanyards don't return toTexas fo 75 years.
  • La Salle

    La Salle
    Claimed Cananda; they are fur traders.He wants to sail down the Mississippi river Route: Mississippi river to the mouth. He gets to the mouth and planted the french flag.He tells the king Louis XIV. 1st ship is ttcked by piraters,2nd ship goes back to France,3rd missed the river. Build a bfort called fort st. louis. La Salle dressed fancy so after the indians killed him a guy put on his clothes and he was killed because they thought he was La salle.Result: Spain focuses only oneast texas.