Conquest of the West from mid-1800s through 1900 Timeline

  • Growth of New Towns and Cities to Support Cattle, Mining, and Farming Industries

    Both farming and ranching had a huge impact. With farming the Great Plains provided a lot of room for the farmers to have their cattle graze in and to grow crops, but without timber and a reliable source of water it was kind of useless. With ranching the ranchers main objective was to the ranch cattles to the railroads.
  • Extinction of Buffalo in 1800s

    Befor the American settlers came to the great plains, the Bison population was at it's highest point. When the American settlers came to the plains, all they was a grait land for their cattle to feed and breed in. becuase the Bison didn't have any natural predators, the white settlers saw them as a great menance and decided to hunt them out so their cattle could have the whole plains for themselves.
  • Homestead Act of 1862

    President Abraham Lincoln sign this act into law. It sped up the settlement of western tarritory by alowing the male adults in a family 160 acres of land.
  • Jesse James

    Jesse and his brother, Frank, joined a bushwacker group that was led by Bloody Bill Anderson. They had a bad reputation for being cruel and brutel to any Union soldiers they caught. After the Civil War was over, Jesse and his brother robbed stagecoaches, trains and banks for a living. Jesse was shot by a membe of his group becuase there was a reward in capturing him.
  • Discoveries of Large Amounts of Gold and Silver

    Usually depicted with the gold rush in California. It was said to have a felling of a free for all.
  • Transcontinental Railroad System

    It connected th United States from east to west for the first time. The beggining of the Civil War helped the northern legislatures make their decision.
  • Barbed Wire

    The farmers used the barb wire fence in order to tame the land and make it easier for them to graze their cattle and horses. The barbed wires caused many problems to the Native Americans, it began pushing them off of their lands and it made them harder for them to hunt for their food.
  • Wild West Shows

    When most Americans thought of the wild west, what came to mind was Oklahoma because it had been Indian territory for a long time. The shows usually lasted from 2 to 3 hours.
  • Shift from “Long Drive” to “Cattle Ranching”

    The cattles were brought in by the European settlers. At that time Texas was part of Mexico but when Texas became independent, the Mexicans left & the cattle stayed. At first the cattle were just used for their skin but as beef became more demanding, the Texan farmers started to butcher their cattle.
  • Dawes Act of 1866

    Cogress portrayed the Dawes Act in 1887. It was used to destroy the Native Americans and open a treaty to privite ownership of land.