Connecticut History

  • Discovered

    Adriaen Block explored the CT River and landed in the Hartford area.
  • English Puritan Settlements

    Settlements created in the 1630s in Windsor, Wethersfield, and Hartford by the English Puritans.
  • Forts Built

    The Dutch build forts and a trading post along the CT River in Hartford.
  • Hartford is Founded

    Hartford is founded in 1636 by Thomas Hooker.
  • Connecticut Colony

    Settlements formed the Connecticut Colony under the Fundamental Orders. John Haynes is the first governor.
  • New England Confederation

    CT joins the New England Confederation.
  • Yale

    Yale, formerly the Collegiate School, opens.
  • The Hartford Courant

    The Hartford Courant is the oldest newspaper in continuous existence in the U.S.
  • Newgate Prison

    Newgate Prison, the first prison in CT opens.
  • Declaration of Independence

    CT supports the Declaration of Independence.
  • Law School

    The first law school in the US was started in Litchfield.
  • Officially a State

    CT was the fifth state to join the union.
  • Insurance

    First CT insurance company opened.
  • Dictionary

    Noah Webster published his dictionary. He included many new words, and even started making some of the changes from English to American English.
  • The School for the Deaf

    The School for the Deaf is founded by Thomas Gallaudet in Hartford. The school is currently in West Hartford.
  • Farmington Canal

    Farmington Canal opened.
  • Art Museum

    The Wadsworth Atheneum opened, making it the first art museum to open in the United States that was not exclusively for the upper class.
  • The End of Slavery

    Slavery was abolished in CT.
  • First Teachers College

    The first teachers college was opened. It is now called Central CT State University.
  • Storrs Agricultural College

    Storrs Agricultural College opened. It is now UCONN.
  • Pay Phone

    The first pay phone was installed in a bank in Hartford.
  • Speed Limit

    The first law in CT was passed about speed limits.
  • Troop 1

    First CT Boy Scout Troop was created (Troop 1) in East Hartford.
  • Circus Fire

    137 people died in the Ringling Brothers circus tent fire.
  • Ella T. Grasso

    Ella Grasso was the first female governor in CT.