Congress History

  • First Congress Meeting

    21 members showed up. They set the salary for the president at 25,000$
  • Period: to

    Dated Facts

  • King Still Ruled England

  • Henry Clay was elected as Speaker

  • Declared War for the first time.

    two years later, the British came and burnt down the White House.
  • British came and burnt down the White House

  • White House was re-built

  • Maine was a free state - Missouri stayed a slave state

  • Should California be a free state?

    They made it a free state, and it made the South stronger. Being more strick on sending the runaway slaves back to their owners.
  • Compermissed head states together for 10 more years

  • Lincoln was elected

  • Jefferson Davis spoke

  • Civil War Came

  • Impeached

    Nixion was going to get impeached, but got saved by one vote.
  • Jencans Highs

    After spending one year in New York, and 10 in Phili, Congress finally settled in Jencans Highs.
  • i Billion in peace crime

  • President spoke

    President got infront of the Congress, and talked about starting War. Only one person voted no for it.
  • Dome was finished