Comunications in Colombia

  • Electric telegraph

    Electric telegraph
    In 1847 England went ahead efforts to bring in the NEW GRANADA The electric telegraph
  • It starts working

    It starts working
    In 1872 became operational on telegraph between Barranquilla and Puerto Colombia
  • Telegraph service distribution

    They telegraph offices in 48 populations of Colombia. 98,378 telegrams were transmitted. The Colombian state desmonopoliza telegraph service.
  • The telephone

    The telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell was awarded the patent for inventing the telephone
  • Telephone service begins in Bogota

    Telephone service begins in Bogota. In Bogotá amount to one hundred the number of repairs and upgrades teléfonos.Nuevas the Bogota exchange, increase the number of switches and employees to meet the growing demand for the service.
  • Telephone service in Bogota

    The telephone service get actived in Bogota
  • Cartagena phone company

    The phone company started its activities in Cartagena, owned by local merchants.
  • Automatic Phone

    Automatic Phone
    The automatic phone get invented
  • "El tiempo"

    "El tiempo"
  • "e" in Colombia

    "e" in Colombia
    The Germans Werner Kaemerer, Stuart Hosie and Alberto Tietjen, and Colombians Ernesto Cortissoz (the first president of the Airline), Rafael Palacio, Cristóbal Restrepo, Jacobo Correa and Aristides Noguera, founded on December 5, 1919 in the city of Barranquilla (Colombia), the German Society Air Transport Colombo - SCADTA, which made ​​the first flight between Barranquilla and the nearby town of Puerto Colombia, aboard a Junkers F-13 which carried 57 letters

    The President of the Republic, General Pedro Nel Ospina, inaugurates the International Radio Station in Morato and wireless service between stations and Medellin, Barranquilla, Cali and amateur Cúcuta.Los introduced the first recipients of shortwave broadcasting in Colombia . Medellin has 2337 phones, ie, a density of 3 telephones per 100 inhabitants, surpassing cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Mexico, Rome, Madrid and Brucella.
  • First long distance telephone

    First long distance telephone line between Bogota and Medellin.

    Officially opened telephone service between Bogota-Tunja, first installed Popayán. Seadta Bogota in Colombia to service teleprinter Aerocivil
  • Telegraph connections

    Colombia has 948 offices and 30 telegraph telegraphy in connection with all of the above. The external connections are made through the seasons of Bogota, Leticia and Santa Marta. Station direct Bogotá Caracas (and from there to South America). Santa Marta station communicates simultaneously with Cuba and Panama. On 21 December approving the telecommunications regulations and final protocols were signed at international conferences
  • Telecom

    The Colombian government buys Central Telephone Company and make the national telecommunications company "Telecom."
  • Television

    Television was inaugurated in Colombia on June 13, 1954, during the government of General Gustavo Rojas Pinilla. The technical assistance of foreigners, especially Cubans was instrumental in the start of television in Colombia.
  • 1rst commercial mobile network

    1rst commercial mobile network
    In Japon
  • Public telephones

    Public telephones
    ICB opens for mounting national network packet switched data network and installs teles.Telecom experimental data IBI. Inauguration of long distance phones. It creates new legislation hams. In the air the first regional TV "Teleantioquia" Extended national telephone numbering to 9 digits.

    Implanted system prepaid cards for long distance service. Caracol and RCN chains begin using satellites, in its modern broadcasting systems. The decree of 15 July 1794 regulates private participation in the economic exploitation of aggregates telecommunications services in policy development and monopolization. Telecom starts with an investment of 5 billion pesos digitizing its backbone.
  • Mobile in Colombia

    Mobile in Colombia
    In 1994 began the cell phone service. Opened in Bogota in Bogota, Medellin and Cali.
  • Internet

    Increases the number of subscribers of mobile phones. The Internet market in Colombia is among the top in Latin America because it has 665,000 users connected to the network and it is expected that in 2002 the figure will reach 1.5 million users, reflecting accelerated growth and a favorable development for this service nationwide. The telephone company Bucaramanga, implements the exchange of Ericsson AXE-10.