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  • First Comes Math Solving

    First Comes Math Solving
    After trying to find a way to make long, complex arithmatic problems easier, Konrad Zuse invented the Z1 Computer, the first freely programmable computer.
  • Second Comes Commercial Use

    Second Comes Commercial Use
    John Eckert and John Mauchly invent the UNIVAC Computer for commercial use and was able to tally presidential votes and pick the winner.
  • Third Comes Bank Management

    Third Comes Bank Management
    Standford Research Institute, Bank of America, and General Electric work together to create the ERMA, which used MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) and was used in banks.
  • Computers Remember More For You

    Computers Remember More For You
    The Intel 1103 Computer Chip, the world's first available dynamic RAM chip, is produced and inserted into computers, allowing for more memory.
  • Now for the Public Use

    Now for the Public Use
    Scelbi & Mark-8 Altair & IBM 5100 Computers were first released to the public for consumer use.
  • New Technology Hits Computers

    New Technology Hits Computers
    The Apple Lisa Computer, the first home computer with a GUI, graphical user interface, is released to the public.