Computer Inventions of the 1990s

  • Photoshop

    The technology for photoshop was developed in the 80s by brothers John and Thomas Knoll. They began distributing the program in 1990
  • Linux

    A University student named Linus Torvalds invented "Linux". Linux was the first open-source operating system. Linux is used by many major web-based companies such as Google, Amazon, and Twitter.
  • Text messages

    In 1992 A man named neil papworth sent the first text messages. The contents of his message were the words "merry christmas".
  • Nokia 1011

    The Nokia was the first mobile telephone to use SMS messaging. It was made smaller than all of its competitors and it was mass produced.
  • Google

    Googe was founded and created in the 90s. Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed the software for Google out of their garage and it quickly became the largest search engine.