Computer History Timeline

  • Wilhelm Schickard's "Calculating Clock"

    Wilhelm Schickard invented the first calculator in 1623 AD. It is able of multiplying large numbers.
    Why: Because it started the whole idea of calculators
  • Blaise Pascal's Pascaline

    Blaise Pascal's Pascaline
    A calculator that could perform addition and subtraction; however, only pascal could keep it working properly. It was also terribly expensive.
    Why: Another calculator was made but with different funtions Why:
  • Samuel Morland's Mechanical Calculator

    Samuel Morland's Mechanical Calculator
    Samuel Morland inproved Pascal's version of a calculator that would be easier and more efficient to use.
    Why: Calculators were made easier to use increasing use
  • Gottfried Leibnez' "Stepped Reckoner"

    Gottfried Leibnez invented calculus by making a calculator that could both add and multiply.
    Why: Now you don't need two calculators just one
  • Thomas de Colmar's Arithmometer

    Thomas de Colmar invented the first mass-produced and mass-sold calculator. Continues to be used and sold for many years.
    Why: Calculators could be found and used easier to the masses
  • Telegraph

    The telegraph was invented
    Why: Communication over distances was made quicker
  • First Programmer

    First Programmer
    Lord Byron's daughter, Ada, Countess of Lovelace suggested to Babbage to program his analytical engine becoming the world's first programmer.
    Why: People were becoming more interested in computers
  • Scheutz' Printing Calculator

    Scheutz' Printing Calculator
    The first printing calculator was invented.
    Why: People could print off and show their work to others
  • Trans-continental Telegraph

    Trans-continental Telegraph
    A trans-continental telegraph line connects the Atlantic and Pacific coasts
    Why: Communication was spread all over the US
  • Telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone
    Why: People made it even easier by making it so the common people who didn't know how to use a telegraph could still communicate.