Computer History Timeline

  • Stepped Reckoner built

    Gottfried Leibnez, the man to blame for the invention of calculus, uses a stepped cylindrical gear to build his "Stepped Reckoner" which will both add and multiply
  • First typewriter Patented

    The first typewriter is patented by William Austin Burt. It's slow and clumsy, but it's the first writing machine.
  • Jay Forester develops magnetic memory at M.I.T.

  • IBM builds the first hard drive

    . It contains fifty 24 inch disks, has a capacity of 5 MB and costs over US$1,000,000
  • Commercial transistor computers make their first appearance

  • Douglas Engelbart receives a patent on the mouse pointing device for computers

  • The first mass-produced microprocessor, the Intel 4004 processor, developed by Ted Hoff, is introduced

  • The CRAY 1 supercomputer is introduced

  • Apple launches the Macintosh with a spectacular presentation at the 1984 Super Bowl games.

  • Apple releases the iMac

  • First ipod created