Computer Breakthroughs

  • Period: to

    Handy talkie

  • Handy Talkie

    Handy Talkie
    The first handheld two-way radio called the "Handy Talkie" is created by Motorola. This is important because the US Army used these for communication.
  • "bug"

    The term bug as computer bug was termed by Grace Hopper. This is important because there is a new term, and now people know what to refer to.
  • Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs is born February 24. This is important because he made hundreds of devices that were breakthroughs.
  • First Satellite

    First Satellite
    Russia launches the first artificial satellite named Sputnik on October 4. This revolutionized the rest of the satellites, and it was the first thing of what is now extremely important.
  • First video game

    First video game
    First video game is created called "Tennis for two". This revolutionized games, because it was the first virtual game.

    NASA launches TIROS, the first weather satellite into space. This, as well as sputnik, revolutionized satellites, and are now very important.
  • Computer Encyclopedia

    Computer Encyclopedia
    The first virtual encyclopedia is invented at the SDC. This is a breakthrough for technology because it is virtual instead of physical.
  • ETA

    ETA is founded. The ETA has had a big impact on technology and has made a lot of things possible for today.
  • Asus

    Asus is founded. This is a new kind of computer, and had some advantages that other computers did not have.
  • BING

    Microsoft launches the Bing search engine. Before Bing, everybody wanted to use Google, but now there is a second one, with supposive advantages to Google.