Composers of the Classical Era

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  • Classical Era

    Johann Christain Bach
    Appointed music director to Count Antonio Litta in Milan, Italy
  • Classical Timeline

    Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
    Succeeds Telemann as music director of the principal church in Hamburg.
  • Classical Era

    American Revolution.
  • Classical Era

    1756- 1791
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Wrote Le Nozze di Figaro in collaboration with the librettist Lorenzo da Ponte.
  • Classical Era

    U.S. Constitution
  • Classical Era

    Mozart wrote the unfinished "Requiem" in 1791.
  • Classical Era

    Joseph Haydn
    1732- 1809
    He wrote 106 synphonies
    He wrote the twelve "London symphonies.
  • Classical Era

    Beethoven wrote symphony no. 3 dedicated to Napolean Bonaparte.
  • Classica Era

    Beethoven wrote symphony no.5 in 1808.
    Its rhythmic motive (the famous short-short-short-LONG of the opening.
  • Classical Era

    Beethoven finished with symphony no.9 in February of 1824.
  • Classical Era

    Beethoven dies on March 26, 1827.