Comparing The Unification of Italy and Germany

  • Period: to

    (ITALY) Cavour works to mold Sardinia into a liberal constitutional state capable of leading northern Italy

    Bismarck creates highways and railroads, stands for civil liberties, and opposes clerical priveleges.
    These reforms increase support for Sardinia in northern Italy.
  • (ITALY) Cavour makes secret alliance with Napoleon III against Austria

  • Period: to

    (ITALY) Italy's War with Austria

  • Period: to

    (ITALY) Central Italy's Revolution

    Pro-Sardinian nationalists in central Italian states topple their ruling princes, then call for fusion with Sardinia
  • (ITALY) Napoleon III's Peace with Austrians, Cavour Briefly Resigns

    Sardinia only recieves Lombardy from Austria. Cavour resigns in a rage.
  • (ITALY) Cavour comes back, central Italy joins Sardinia in a plebiscite vote

  • Period: to

    (iTALY) Garibaldi conquers Sicily

  • (ITALY) Cavour prevents Garibaldi from invading Rome

  • (ITALY) People in Sicily vote to join Sardinia. Italy is born.

  • (GERMANY) William I tres to raise taxes to expand army, but liberal Parliament blocks him

  • (GERMANY) Bismarck becomes chief minister, gov't starts to rule without Parliament

  • Period: to

    (GERMANY) Austria and Prussia beat Denmark in war over Danish provinces in German Confed.

  • Period: to

    (GERMANY) Austro-Prussian War

    Aftermath: Existing German Confed, dissolved. Austria agrees to withdraw from German affairs. Prussia conquers several small states in northern Germany and forms North German Confederation.
  • Period: to

    (GERMANY) Franco-Prussian War

    By the time of the Prussian victory, south German states had agreed to join a new German Empire.