Communication in History

Timeline created by judith_hernandez
  • semaphore telephone

    semaphore telephone
    The Chappe brothers got permission to set a signalling system so they could send messages to each other
  • the telegraph

    the telegraph
    Samuel Soemmering invented a crud telegraph. He connected 35 wires in the water. And to send messsges they need gas to send the.
  • cave drawing

    cave drawing
    The first cave drawing was found in 1870. The person who painted the drawing was Magdakenian.And when they made the drawing and wanted to make them in 3D
  • typrighter

    The guy who made the typwriters was Charles Edward Weller. When they made it they stared sealing them in a shop in the summer and in the fall.
  • cross telephone

    cross telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell was the first crossed telelphone call made.
  • Martin Luther King Jr

    Martin Luther King Jr
    Martin Luther King Jr had a dream speech for freedom.He wanted Civil Rights. A lot of people was jailed beacuse they were supporting him.