CommTech Audio Books timeline

By RLowles
  • J.P. Harrington

    J.P. Harrington
    Anthropologist J.P. Harrington drove across North America recording the history of natives on aluminum disc using a turntable powered by his car. Similar to the record.
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  • Dylan Thomas

    Dylan Thomas
    The newely madeCaedmon Records has Dylan Thomas record several of his poems onto vinyl records. The recordings established his Christmas story “A Child's Christmas in Wales” as a classic.
  • Vinyl records

    Vinyl records
    Audio books transferred from vinyl records to cassette tapes in this era.
  • Books on Tape

    Duvall Hech, olympic athlete, created Books on Tape. This company supplied audio books to consumers and later libraries. He later sold Books on Tape to Random House Publishing.
  • Audio Publishers Association

    Audio Publishers Association was created by several audio companies in an attempt to promote awareness of spoken word audio.
  • Market Share

    Market Share
    Cassette tapes accounted for 16% of the market with CDs holding 74% and downloadable books accounted for 9%.