COMM 1300 Exam 2

  • Edisons Phonograph

  • Marconi invents radio

  • Nickelodeons

  • Victrola

  • Radio act 1912

    governement owns airwaves and gives lincenses to radio transmitters
  • Conrad first to broadcast KDKA

  • RCA, GE, AT&T Patent Pool

  • Commerce department issues licenses

  • Radio Act 1927

  • WWII

  • 1930s shift from film to movies

  • Radio Booms

  • Big Band ends

  • Chain broadcasting

  • TV Golden Age

    1946- 1955
  • Movie producers went to TV

  • Film Peaked

  • Magnetic Tapes

  • FCC Freeze's TV

  • Tom Storz invented top 40's

  • TV Waste Land

    Reality TV
  • All films are color

  • British Invasion

  • Must Carry Policy

    Cable had to carry local broadcasting signals and wwas banned from the 100 largest cities. (in 1972) the FCC reversed the ban and required cable to have atleast 20 channels
  • FCC begins to reglate Cable

  • Hayes code ended

  • MPAA ratings created

  • Creation of FIN-SYN

    Governments attempt to break up the big three by banding the 3 netowrks from sydicating their shows. They also did other things AFTER the fin-syn rules like prime time rule and the limate of in-house programming
  • First attempt of interactive TV

  • Rock gets segragated

  • FCC reversed the ban on the Must Carry Policy

    Lead to creation of HBO
    Idea of narrowcasting arises
    MSO begin to fight for cable franchising rights which they got in 1984
    "50 cannels and nothing on"
  • FCC issued a family view hour

  • CD invented

  • Creation of Fox

    Once the big 3 were declining, More channels on cable so the FCC believed content was no longer scares and so the deregulated things and now groups could own more then one sation which is how Fox was created.
  • CD replaced 33

  • The Cable Act

    the result was that the Must Carry Policy was lifted
  • Fin-Syn rules lifted