Columbine Chapters 24-31

  • Threesome

    Dylan and his best friend Zack Kepler decided that Eric would make a perfect addition to their group, and that's when Eric and Dylan hit it off.
  • "Existences: A Virtual Book"

    Dylan began the conversation with the one person who could understand. Himself.
  • Finding themselves

    Eric was finding himself and whatever Eric portrayed, Dylan followed. The trench coats evolved, but Eric and Dylan didn't wear them until the Trench Coat Mafia was over, so they could stand out.
  • Temper flares

    Eric shows signs of raging out on his ex-friend Brooks Brown. Erics secrets were uncovered, but his dad took Eric's side
  • search warrant

    A search warrant was written up on Eric, but was never issued.
  • Gun show

    The boys purchased the guns at the Tanner gun show.
  • Media Crime

    After the shooting, the media began to jump to conclusions. The students who were entering post traumatic stress began to give false testimony and started to believe what the media was telling them; this created a circle that wasn't corrected for awhile. The media jumped to the false assumption that the shooters were in the Trench Coat Mafia, they believed the shooters were targeting certain people, they believed that the shooters were in the Goth movement and homosexuals, and also that they...
  • Media Crime Continued

    ... they were victims of bullying. In addition, detectives believed that the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle was playing out in the reporting, which states that by observing an entity, you alter it.
  • Dave Saders gets shot

    Dave Sanders was shot. He could have been saved but no police or paramedic help came until 3 hours later.
  • Secret Meeting

    The police had a secret meeting right after they found out Eric was involved inorder to cover themselves.
  • Dylan's Funeral

    The Klebolds held a private funeral for Dylan. Close family and friends mourned together and remembered him with love.
  • Funeral for Dave Sanders

    Dave Sanders was buried on this day. In gratitude for their rescue efforts, although too late to save Mr. Sanders, the entire SWAT team was invited and was in attendance
  • Dr. Fuselier

    Fuselier became the head phych doctor and analyzed the characters.
  • Secret Meeting Revealed

    Guerra finally admitted to attending the secret meeting and what went on.