Colorado industries

By dsawyer
  • Cattle and Sheep

    Cattle and Sheep
    Cattle and sheep provieded services like beef, and quarantine laws. The impact was too many cattle and not enough grass for them to eat. The range wars and the reason why cattle and sheep came to colorado is good grass areas. Last resources needed are lush land and close water
  • Period: to

    colorado industry

  • Tourism

    Good provided are mountains, lakes, rivers, fish, hiker, camp, hents, skiing and more. The impact tourism made is beauty of our state. Last the resources needed are intresting place see and go to.
  • Mining

    Mining provided good like rail roads to colorado. The impact is it brought people for colorado to be a state it gave us jods to . And the reason for coming to colorado was colorado was the richist mining state in the U.S. The reaources needed silver, gold, coal, pickakes, wocker
  • Agriculture

    The services provided aresupplying miners with food. Farming. Impact it made is farmers made lot of money andacreage was given.Reason for coming to colorado is the home stead act and the resources needed are land, water, miners.
  • FBI or Federal Burea of Investigation

    FBI or  Federal Burea of Investigation
    Services provided: protect and defend the U.S. for terrorist and foreign threats impact : less threats to people and more jobs. Reason for coming to colorado: to support state and local partners. Last the resources needed are people and threats.
  • Manufacturing

    Goods provided: technology, medical, supplies, waterpiks, beer, steel.impact: produced jobs. Reason for coming to colorado:industry leader lives in colorado. Resources needed: skillful workers, technology, water, dirt,