Colorado Industries

By shughes
  • Transpertion

    The goods and seveces are it brought people places
    the Inpact is People came to colorado.
    the reason for coming to Colorado is they wanted transpertaion
    The reasorses needed are workers, tracks, coal ,fuel and fire.
  • denver mint

    denver mint
    the goods/servese were:silver gold coper money
    the impact is:people came fore money and jobs
    and the resrses neededare:tools mishens
  • Toresum

    the goodsand serves provided are tours and seanery.
    the inpact is people came and spend money on colorado.
    The reason for coming to colorado is fore tours and see natire.
    The reasorses needed are rafs paddels and compeny.
  • Brewing

    The goods and servises provided are beer and bevriges .
    The inpact is people to colorado.
    The reason fore coming to colorado is for beer and good jobs.
    The reosorsis needed were barrels, water, weat and hopsand foot balls
  • Catel and Sheep

    Catel and Sheep
    the goods/serveces provided were wool, meat and fur.
    the inpact is more people came to colorado
    the reason fore coming to colorado is for the yarn and the open fealds. the reasorses neded are grass and water.
  • Denver Broncos

    Denver Broncos
    The goods and serveces are entertanmint and good jobs.
    The inpact is people came to colorado.
    The raeson to come to colorado is to wach them play and soome states do not have teams.
    the reasources are Water, helmets, feld and people.
  • Carestaral Seasinings

    Carestaral Seasinings
    thegoods/servises are:tea
    the impact is:people came to colorado fore tea
    the reason for coming to colorado is for the tea
    the resources needed are water, herbs ,flowers,tea,bags and storige